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PT.SUMI ASIH was established in 1982 and commenced its commercial production in 1984 with basic oleochemicals: Stearic acids and Glycerine.

After restructure of organization in 1989, the new management team very soon in 1990 launched major expansion and diversification programs including installation of new multicolumn Fractionation plant and Esterification plant with the latest technology and in addition, a set of most advanced integrated computerized monitoring system for process and quality control. Today, Sumi Asih is one of the world's largest manufacturer of natural Fatty Acid and their derivatives from Palm and Coconut oil.

PT.SUMI ASIH maintains close contact with the customer, helping in the solution to any problem or process difficulty. Our well-trained technical & marketing staff are ready at all times to serve and co-operate with the customer for one reason: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We believe that it is our superior quality along with our on-going customer service that has gained the confidence of our highly valued customers worldwide and hence contributed to our success and achievement today.

Quality management becomes part of every aspect within production process. from planning to final product delivery to various destinations, both domestic and abroad. Our standard operating procedures are always updated while our precision instruments and formulas are re-validated in order to keep up with today's quality requirements. To materialize our goals, we build a large range of infrastructures besides over sized utilities to ensure uninterupted current operation. Along with prime quality product we also serve the customers with prompt delivery within competitive price range.

The Human Resources Department is one of the most important assets in bringing all departments in the company to its goal. We have done a well-planned systematic process from placement test, recruitment, oriention, on-job-training and seminar workshops. HRD provides the opportunity for the younger generation in anticipating the latest idea and technology.

HRD has organized training program including in the area of management, Operational/Production, Safety Procedures, and Foreign Languages, in order to develop highly skilled employees.

We always believe that a strong team-work will always put out company the front liner in the industry.